• Nor150


    Nor150 Intensity meter The latest addition of 2 channel sound level meter ! Read more
  • Nor135 and NoiseQC

    Nor135 and NoiseQC

    NoiseQC Improve the quality of your products with NoiseQC and SoundBox Read more
  • Nor850 Building Acoustics measurement system

    Nor850 Building Acoustics measurement system

    Multichannel Building Acoustics Accredited laboratory measurements made easy ! Read more

Acoustic camera, 128 microphones, Nor848B

Low Frequency Acoustic Camera, Nor848B (LF mode)

Secondary acoustic calibration system Nor1525

The Norsonic Nor848B acoustic camera is a module based approach to acoustic camera that gives the user both portability and great resolution for a wide range of measurement situations. Read more.

Norsonic has launched the next generation most compact and powerful Low Frequency performing acoustic camera Nor848B, multitile solution. Read more.

The Nor1525 is a calibration system that can be used for secondary calibration. Its current version comprises the following modules: Read more.