17/19: The new Acoustic Camera software 3.1.6 is out now!

  1. Acoustic Camera Hextile 128 microphones, USB powered

This firmware introduces two new useful functions; choose between high framerate video or high-resolution video, and auto-rotation of the video stream when the Acoustic Camera is handheld. These features are available for Hextiles owners only. (See page 16 and 17 in the new user manual.) Some minor software features, in addition to improvement of software and connection stability, is offered for all older cameras.

All Hextile/Multitile customers will receive this software free of charge, as this software upgrade also updates the Hextile firmware.

It is also free for customers with valid maintenance contracts.

Existing customers without maintenance contact can purchase a software upgrade at a cost of.

Changes in version 3.1.6

  • Added firmware for high FPS (frames pr. second) video mode (Hextiles only)
  • Image Auto-rotation when having an array with Accelerometer / Gyro (Hextiles only)
  • Diode feedback implemented; Red (Hardware booting) -> Yellow (Firmware booting) -> Green (Software ready)
  • New and improved limiter to prevent the user from clipping the audio signal
  • Implemented zooming feature into the spectrogram view
  • The spectrogram is now more fluent with better resolution in FAST mode
  • Reduced video load by removing unused video streams for storage (Multitile only)
  • Added support for auto-detecting and manual selecting RPM input (Multitile only)
  • Added new icons to view-preferences
  • CMD+R as a short-cut key for starting video recording (3.1.6)
  • Improved software and connection stability

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