• Release of NorReview version 6.2.78

    NorReview version 6.2.78 is now released! Included calculation of networks when doing percentile “spectrum” calculations. Improvements in “Spectrum” and statistical calculation result views. Calculation source, interval and effective duration are indicated above the graph. Increased max number of functions possible to view in an L(t) graph to 55. Support for Nor133/136 files. Time-limited free-to-use NorReview […]

  • NorVirtual on Google Play & Apple Store

    Due to it’s large touchscreen Nor145 does not need an app! But we made one anyway, as it can be useful to control your instrument from a distance! Download NorVirtual from Google Play or Apple Store.

    Nor140 for Thailand Police

    Nor140 Sound Analyser for Thailand Police

    We sold Nor140 Sound Analyser to the Thailand Police. They used it to mark noisy exhaust vehicles because it is potentially noise polluting to the environment. Nor140 is a precision hand held sound analyser designed for the most demanding users. With this analyser Norsonic set a new standard for sound level meters, covering the widest range […]

  • Hextile acoustic camera

    Work Efficient with Hextile Acoustic Camera

      Lower your troubleshooting time and simplify documentation of unidentified disturbing noises in a NVH assessment. The Hextile acoustic camera gives the user the power of super hearing and sound source visualisation to accurately and quickly pinpoint disturbing noises. From locating interior rattling and squeaking noises and door seal testing, to engine compartment analysis of […]

  • Noise Compass Released!

      Noise monitoring with direction One of the greatest challenges with unattended noise monitoring is to ensure that the monitored site really is the source being measured. What is making the noise? Is it the construction site, a nearby railway or an aircraft? Check out for more info! Overview Norsonic was the first company […]

  • Acoustic Camera Hextile Small

    17/19: The new Acoustic Camera software 3.1.6 is out now!

    This firmware introduces two new useful functions; choose between high framerate video or high-resolution video, and auto-rotation of the video stream when the Acoustic Camera is handheld. These features are available for Hextiles owners only. (See page 16 and 17 in the new user manual.) Some minor software features, in addition to improvement of software and […]

  • Nor140 – Sound Analyser

    Nor140 Sound Analyser Class 1 Sound Analyser covering all the features of the Nor13x series of sound level meters plus building acoustics and a large vast of other applications. This is the perfect tool for acoustic consultants, R/D engineers and other highly professional users that need a sound level meter covering literally all applications a […]