About Norsonic

Norsonic strives to make the world more quiet

Noise affects all our lives… and the problems can be solved only if we accurately measure the noise.


Starting with an order to the Anglo French supersonic Concorde project, we have for more than 45 years used our technical expertise to develop sound instrumentation of high precision & quality. Combining advanced technology and user friendliness, we focus on the user and applications rather than on the complexity of the instrument.

Our close relationship with our main clients and distributors in more than 40 countries throughout the world ensures contact with users and the development of products in parallel with the emerging needs for them.

Based on our “all-in-one” philosophy, we develop complete solutions which can be compared to portable laboratories. This means that the user can make measurements, analyse the data and print out the results on-site.

Our retrofit policy is a fundamental part of our business concept. Most of our instruments are of modular design. If new standards or new technology call for an update of the instrument this can easily be carried out by the factory or one of our local service centers. Hence, early customers have an instrument as modern as our newest customers.

As Asia has become a more important market during the last 5 years, we founded Norsonic Asia Co., Ltd. with it’s main office in Singapore. With our local presence in Asia we aim to better support Asian distributors as well as (potential) customers. We have a lot of demo equipment that we can lend out for trials or special projects. We already have qualified Norsonic distributors in most Asian countries, ready to support you.

Since July 2016 we also opened the Norsonic Acoustical Laboratory Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand, ready for calibration of Norsonic instruments and of course also all other brands of sound level meters, calibrators and microphones (B&K, 01dB, Svantek, GRAS etc. etc.).

Norsonic is considered as a very good (and even better in most cases) alternative for Bruel & Kjaer and 01dB instruments.

Do ask our experts for the solution for your measuring requirements.