Acoustic camera, portable, USB powered, 128 microphones for beamforming, Nor848B

The Acoustic camera, also known as an acoustic beamforming array enables the user to visualise different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths.

The resolution and ability to resolve sound sources spaced closely apart, and at lower frequencies, is determined by the overall size of the aperture and the number of microphones of used in the acoustic camera.

Although with smart software, image manipulation and deconvolution techniques on the beamformed results might give added resolution, when using the acoustic camera, the shape, dimensions of the array and the number of microphones will determine the resolution of the acoustic camera.

The Norsonic Hextile is a module based approach to the  acoustic camera that gives the user both portability and great resolution for a wide range of measurement situations. The array dish is based on a hexagon shape, given it both its name, and the ability to combine several tiles into larger systems. Nor

Nor848B Acoustic Camera

With a single Hextile, the user has a small, portable, and lightweight acoustic camera that can be used for a wide range of measurement situations. The Hextile is a USB based acoustic camera, with a single USB cable for both power and data transfer – no extra battery cable needed. The array is made from robust and lightweight aluminium, has 128 MEMS microphones, and is less than 3 kg in weight while having a maximum diameter of 46 cm. The low frequency limit for the Hextile is 410 Hz.

Hextile – lightweight and portable
Multitile low frequency acoustic camera Norsonic
Muiltitile Acoustic Camera (LF mode) optimized for low frequencies.

Norsonic developed an acoustic camera optimized for Low Frequencies, the Multitile Acoustic Camera. For more info click here.