Building acoustics multi channel analyzer ISO16283 ASTM E336

Nor850 is the most used building acoustics system in acoustic laboratories around the world

For in-field measurements, acoustic laboratories, Nor850 is the best and most comprehensive system for (fully automated) building acoustics measurements.

Apart from over 100 acoustical consultant and industrial users, here are some well-known references:

  • Harbin Industry University, China
  • The University of Rijeka, Finland
  • SP Sveriges Provnings & Forskningsinstitutt (Swedish Test Institute), Sweden
  • TU Wien, Inst. für Hochbau u. Technologie, Austria
  • WTCB – BBRI, Laboratory of Acoustics, Belgium
  • Salford University, United Kingdom
  • Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Teknologisk Institut Aarhus, Denmark
  • ITB, Indonesia
  • PTT, Thailand

Most of the Nor850 system users are performing a variety of sound measurements on a daily base and prefer fully automated measurements and reporting without the need of lot’s of training to be able to use the system. As all of Norsonic’s software, it’s very intuitive and has many failsafe triggers.

Some of the standards that one can measure and report with Nor850 are:

  • ISO10140,-2
  • ISO16283-1
  • ISO6165
  • ISO6395
  • ISO9249
  • ISO3744
  • ISO3745
  • ISO3822
  • ISO354
  • ASTM E336
  • ASTM E90
  • ASTM E413

Many more standards are available inside the Nor850 software and we’re still adding many local standards such as for Japan and Korea, France and other countries who are using derivatives from international standards. If you want to have your local measuring standard added, please let us know!

The Nor850 has various modules which can be added at any given time.

The base is a general analyser mode. Some of the additional modules that are available:

  • Building acoustic module
  • Sound Power module
  • Appliance noise module

Please ask our experts for the right system configuration for you!

2020 Nor850 system overview