microphone calibration, slm calibration



The Norsonic Calibration Laboratory (NCL) is an accredited laboratory (Norwegian Accreditation No. CAL 022) for the calibration of measuring microphones, sound calibrators and sound measuring instruments such as sound level meters and sound analysers. Norwegian Accreditation is one of the signatories to the EA Multilateral Agreement for mutual recognition of calibration certificates (European Co-operation for Accreditation). The accreditation states that the laboratory meets the NA requirements concerning competence and calibration system for all the calibrations contained in the accreditation. It also states that the laboratory has a satisfactory quality assurance system and traceability to accredited or national calibration laboratories.

Note that the Norsonic Calibration Laboratory calibrates all brands!

Calibration is not restricted to the Norsonic range of equipment!

You can send your microphones, calibrators and sound measuring instruments to us for calibration whenever needed, but calibration contracts to ensure calibration on regular basis are also available.

Contact us for details on prices and delivery times. We recommend that you contact us before sending equipment to us to keep the time you’re without your equipment at a minimum. For your daily verification of the performance of your sound measuring equipment Norsonic offer a range of sound calibrators.

The basic equipment (Nor1504A) used in the Norsonic Calibration Laboratory is also available for sale to those who want to build up their own sound measuring equipment calibration facility.