Nor145 Sound Analyzer Norsonic

Nor145 Sound Analyzer Norsonic

The advanced Nor145 is Norsonic’s top range sound level meter. Easy to use thanks to its large color touchscreen and intuitive menus.

It shares the same user interface as Nor150 but hosted in a smaller and lighter enclosure.

Nor145 is a single channel unit optimized for easy connectivity to NorCloud, NorRemote or Nor850, through the built-in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem.

Norsonic innovates sound level meters by using a 4.3” large true color touchscreen, to serve you user-friendliness that we know from our smartphones.

Further features of the Nor145 is a 3G/4G LTE modem, GPS, an internal web server for remote instrument control on any device (smartphone, pad or PC), and an advanced voice and text note editor. Even photos and voice notes that you make on your phone will seamless be transferred and integrated with markers to your noise data, by installing the NorRemote app (android store).

All these features do make the Nor145 the perfect toolbox for in-situ field measurements.

Applications for Nor145:

  • Building acoustics
  • Environmental noise (NorCloud)
  • Product noise testing
  • Noise in the workplace
  • Infrasound
  • Noise nuisance recorder
  • Single Front end for Nor850
  • General noise and vibration measurements

Features Nor145:

  • Precision sound level meter and frequency analyzer according to class 1
  • Easy connectivity via built-in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem
  • Large color touch-screen (4.3”)
  • Real push keys for quick operation in challenging environments
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of measurement mode and custom-made user setups
  • Built-in web server
  • Voice, text notes and built-in GPS for documentation of the measurements
  • Wide frequency range (0,4 Hz – 20 kHz in 1/3 octave band)
  • Parallel 1/3 octaves and FFT analysis
  • 120 dB measurement range
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording and camera
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software
  • Easy management of measurement files in NorConnect Nor1051
  • Multi-language support
  • An extensive onboard help system

Sound level meter displayLevel vs frequency (L/f) display single view - portraitLevel vs time (L/t) display single view - portrait

Sound Level Meter View                                       Level vs frequency (L/f)                           Level vs time (L/t) display

Cumulative and Probability Distribution Function /PDF) - landscape viewSplit view with FFT and 1/3 octave. The link cursor feature connects the cursor in FFT and 1/3 octave displays, making it easy to manoeuvre in the frequency domain

Cumulative/Probability Distribution                   Numerical tables                                       Split view with FFT and 1/3 octave

Available Options for Nor145;

  • GPS and support for an external IP camera
  • 1/1 and 1/3 octaves
  • Audio recording and markers
  • Internal signal generator
  • Reverberation time decay T20 / T30
  • Complete Building Acoustics mode
  • Built-in web server with enhanced noise assessment functions
  • NorCloud
  • FFT
  • Built-in WLAN and LTE modem (Edge – 4G)


Download Nor145 Flyer

Download Nor145 Datasheet

Nor145 Sound Level Analyser

Nor145 Sound Level Analyser