Pass by noise measurements and regulations

Complete pass-by-noise system with Norsonic or Rion hardware, ISO 362/UN-ECE R51.03

Pass by Noise measurement system setup, ISO362, R51.03

System features:

The data measured by tachometer(rotation), GPS sensor(speed) and other barometer such as temperature, windspeed are sent to main software.

As the result, the following measurement is automatically performed.

  • Noise during stationary running -Proximity noise while stationary
  • Noise under acceleration
  • Coast noise


  • Running data
  • 1/3 Octave analysis result
  • Noise data

Measurement flow for Pass-by-Noise measurements:

Test running is started with the predetermined approaching speed and measuring gear.

Start to accelerate at point A, and stop accelerating at point B.

The data recording is started at the point 40 meter (alterable) prior to point A, and stop at the predetermined time.

At this time, passing at point A/P/B is detected by position detecting device in the vehicle.

After the measurements, all available data will be transferred to the Pass-bt-Noise software.

The transferred data from point A to point B is cut out and used to create result file.

Measured data:

  • Exterior noise level (L and R)
  • Vehicle instantaneous speed
  • Number of rotations.

Measure the background noise during the predetermined time. (only if it’s to be concerned)

Pass-by-Noise sample data graph
Pass-by-Noise sample third octave values