Nor1020 NorXfer

Nor1020 NorXfer

Nor1020 NorXfer


Installing NorXfer driver for windowsNor1020 NorXfer (complimentary with purchase of Norsonic Sound Level Meter or Analyzer)

Nor1020 NorXfer

Transfer software for reading-in and converting measurement results stored in instrument memory to Excel- or text-files via USB, RS-232 or parallel interfaces (cables not included).

Results may be shown numerically on screen. It is also possible to get an ‘Overview’ – a selected number of results from different measurements into one Excel-file (Windows 2000 and XP compatible). Includes transfer module for one instrument type (Nor110, Nor116, Nor118, Nor121, Nor131, Nor132, Nor139 or Nor140).

Specify instrument(s) xxx on order. Upgrades from earlier versions available. (NB: Single user license!. This software is included in delivery of new instruments.


New features in V5.0

  • Full support of NorReport. NorReport runs now as an independent application inside NorXfer, where you earlier needed a NorReview license to use NorReport. This means that the customer now has a powerful tool to make own reports using NorReport without having a NorReview license.
  • New updated manual supporting all features of NorXfer is now found under help, and as a separate .PDF file on installation package.
  • Nor850-1 modules is supported
  • Nor135 is supported.
  • Read out of memory space (requires remote option). The program now supports the possibility to read out remaining memory capacity for internal and SD memories on Nor140

How to install NorXfer driver for Windows 7 8


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