Nor1011 NorLoud ISO532B

Nor1011 NorLoud ISO532B

Nor1011 NorLoud  ISO532B

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Nor1011 NorLoud  ISO 532B

Nor1011 Norloud Datasheet Nor532B

Nor1011 NorLoud

Nor1011 NorLoud


  • Calculations in accordance with ISO 532B to give Loudness in Sone and loudness level in Phone.
  • Compatible with Nor131/132, Nor140, Nor118 and Nor121 analysers.
  • Graphical display of the calculated Loudness as a function of the frequency.
  • NorLoud is a software utility which runs on your own Microsoft Windows® based PC. Hardware requirements are modest, but even the most recent operating systems, like Windows Vista are supported.

Noise Expressed as Loudness

Recent research has underlined the importance of loudness in the subjective assessment of sound quality. As a result there is now increased use of the technique in the rating of the noise level of a wide range of noise sources. These range from simple products for use in the home or at work, through to the assessment of the acoustic climate in both motor vehicles and aircraft. The loudness rating takes the more complex functions that are present in the subjective reaction to give a better correlation than simple dB(A) measurements could ever hope to achieve. The original method proposed by Zwicker et. al., although accurate, was complex and difficult to work through to a result. The NorLoud program speeds through the process, checking the data for completeness and performing all the calculations to give the end result on both phone and sone scales.

NorLoud Software

The calculation procedure is based on a third octave analysis of the noise that may be made with Norsonic Analysers. Just connect your Norsonic instrument to the PC start NorLoud and use the transfer part to view the files stored in your sound level meter.

The familiar drag and drop principle is now used to drag the measurement into the NorLoud program and the spectrum is displayed there.

The results are expressed in a graphical display which clearly shows the subjective dominant frequency groups along with the calculation of the overall loudness and loudness levels.

NorLoud is a user-friendly and simple way to perform a loudness analysis of a wide range of noise sources and adds a new degree of sophistication to the noise rating products and environments.

Nor1011 NorLoud

Nor1011 NorLoud

System requirements

Sound level meter Nor131/132, Nor140, Nor118 or Nor121.
Personal computer running Microsoft Windows® XP and Vista
Nor4525 Cable (Nor131/132/140-PC)
Nor1441 Cable (Nor118–PC)
Nor1463 Cable (Nor121–PC)
NorXfer software
NorLoud software

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