Nor1022 NorMonit

Nor1022 NorMonit

Nor1022 NorMonit


Nor1022 NorMonit

Nor1022 NorMonit

Nor1022 NorMonit

Noise Monitoring Software

  • Controls 1-100 stations
  • Automatic change of measurement setup for each hour and each day
  • Advanced trigger features, relative to fixed level  or background noise level
  • Can synchronize noise data with audio recordings, video recordings and weather data.
  • Outputs data to a web page, NorReview and database

The NorMonit software can control one or several monitoring stations. It controls which noise parameters to log (LAEq, Ln, Lmax, Lmin, 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands etc) and the time resolution required (freely selectable). The setup can automatically change depending on the time of the day or the day in the week. Trigger levels can be set on any of the logged parameters, and the action to take when a trigger is set can be defined to sending SMS/email, or start of audio- or video recording.

The NorMonit software guarantees that if the system loses the connection between the host and the noise terminal it will re-established connection automatically and continue the data transfer.

The basic software collects the measurement files from the terminals at preset intervals.

With the real time option you will have the noise data on your screen as the noise is created, and with advanced trigger features warnings can be issued through SMS or email when noise breaches occur. Noise source identification is often an important issue in order to determine the source of the noise. With the audio option, your system will automatically record any event that breaches a defined noise level.

A weather station can also be integrated with the Nor1530, so that important weather data such as wind direction, wind speed and precipitation can be logged. Several noise terminals can be controlled from one single computer. A daily verification of the microphone will be executed automatically.

For taking benefit of all the possibilities available through NorMonit such as video recording and continuous sound recording, the advanced Nor1520 Noise Monitoring Terminal is required.


Nor1022 NorMonitNorMonit can be configured to change the setup of the noise measurements at hourly and daily intervals. Triggers can be defined to start audio and video measurements and also sending of SMS or e-mails.

Nor1022 Features

  • Automatic measurement and storage of noise data, sound recording, video recording, weather data and GPS
  • Controls remote-monitoring stations based on either Nor118, Nor140, Nor121 or Nor1520
  • Supports various communication channels like 3G, WLAN, LAN, GPRS, GSM, ADSL, USB and RS232
  • Flexibility in the selection of measurement parameters.
  • Supports all relevant noise parameters
  • Data may be stored as files or into an SQL database
  • Measured data may be automatically converted to Excel format or into ASCII text format
  • Easy integration to WEB pages retrieving data from the SQL database
  • Seamless integration to NorReview software which is used for reporting, calculation and graphically presentation of data online or as postprosessed data
  • Automatic calibration of outdoor microphone with data presented in a separate calibration log file
  • Automatic real time clock synchronisation between host computer and remote stations
  • Data management control with user-defined backup storage of measured data
  • Up to 5 different set-up schedules per noise monitor per day
  • Each day may be treated individually

Nor1022 Options

Option 1 Continuous sound recording. Freely selectable format and quality, supports MP3, WAV, WMA and other formats.
Option 3 SQL Database. This option opens for using the online quick feature in NorReview.  It also makes it possible to make a customized web homepage for realtime presentation of the measurement results on the internet.
Option 4 Control and read-in module for Reinhardt weather stations
Option CL Extra client license to control more than one Nor118, Nor121, Nor1520, weather station or GPS.


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