Nor133 Vibration Meter

Nor133 Vibration Meter

Nor133 Vibration Meter is designed in accordance with ISO8041.


The precision vibration meter Nor133 is designed in accordance with ISO 8041. In the basic version, the  meter is well suited for measurement of whole body and hand-arm vibration measurements.

Optional upgrades allow for the measurement and analysis as vibration in buildings, ships, vehicles and public transport systems in accordance to international and national standards.

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Features and applications

  • Whole body vibration to ISO 2631, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Hand Arm vibration to ISO 5349, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Building Vibration measurement to DIN 4150, ISO 2631, BS6472
  • Ship cabin vibration measurements to ISO 6954
  • Vibration measurements to ÖNORM S9012 (ny linje)
  • Building vibration measurements to DIN4150-3, BS7385-1, ISO4866 (ny linje)
  • General machine vibration – data logger
  • Graphical and numerical display of all channels simultaneously
  • Huge memory capacity with SD memory card
  • Records the raw data signal for later analyzed in NorVibraTest
  • Powerful post processing software NorVibraTest
  • Complete range of accelerometers for HA and WB measurements
  • Multi language
  • Comment channel
  • Supports IEPE and Charge accelerometers, AC and DC voltage sensors, passive geophones (omgjort setning)
  • Data export to National Instrument DIAdem software

Vibration meters Nor133/Nor136

Vibration Meter Nor133 Options

Basic Basic version of Nor133 includes all weighting networks and the use of them in accordance to ISO 2631-1,whole body, that covers the requirements given for “health impact to the human body” and the ISO 5349-1 Hand Arm.The basic unit is delivered with softcase Nor1336, NorVirtual, a PC application program that allows the user to control and display the measurements on the PC, Nor1044, NorVibConvrter, a PC measurement download program, 2GB SD-memory card, Batteries, Instruction manual and USB cable. Sensors are not included.
Option1 Raw data sampling
Option2 Extended standard support package level 1.
Option3 Level vs time
Option4 Charge and DC input
Option5 Extended standard support package level 2 (Nor1292 geophone needed)
Option6 Data export optoin for National Instruments DIAdem software


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