Nor1516, Wireless Building Acoustics System Bluetooth

Nor1516, Wireless Building Acoustics System Bluetooth

Nor1516, Wireless Building Acoustics System Bluetooth, total wireless freedom for seamless Building Acoustics measurements in acoustical laboratory or field measurements.


Nor1516, Wireless Building Acoustics System Bluetooth

The Nor1516B offers wireless communication between the PC in the hands of the operater and the measuring instruments in both the source and receiving room. The new Nor1516B system greatly simplifies the setup and communication protocols. By connecting the small external special developed Bluetooth Transceiver Nor520 directly to one or two of the Nor140 handheld sound analyser(s), a single or dual channel wireless building acoustic system may be setup with a minimum of time at almost any location. The nominal maximum distance from the analyser to the operating PC is 300 meters in free sight which for practical purposes is powerful enough to communicate through most building constructions.

Nor1516 Wireless Building Acoustics measurement system

Nor1516 Wireless Building Acoustics measurement system

Normally, building acoustics testing in the field requires putting out a long noise generator cable between the test rooms. For dual channel measurements, long microphone extension cables must be laid out as well. This procedure is time consuming, particularly when the cables are to be laid out of windows in one room and into another window in the other room, Or, in cases where the cables have to go through corridors, down the staircase, and into a new corridor on another floor!

The Nor1516B Bluetooth Wireless Building Acoustics System is designed to avoid these cumbersome procedures. In addition, it limits the wear and tear problems often found on these cables when used over a period of time.

The Nor1516B System requires one measurement unit in each of the test rooms, plus a loudspeaker for noise excitation, and a control unit placed with operator in a third room. With these units, any airborne or impact sound insulation test may be performed including the measurements of reverberation times and the final calculation of the sound insulation indeeces (Rw, STC, Ln,w, etc.).


  • No cables between source-, receiving– and control-rooms
  • Elimination of long unwieldy microphone extension cables
  • Elimination of cable wear due to transportation and through-door or -window
  • Great time savings for sound insulation tests due to easy set-up and tear-down
  • Single or dual channel measurements
  • Any existing Nor118 or Nor140 can be upgraded to become the measuring unit in the 1516B system


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