Sound Power ISO6395 measurement instruments

Sound Power ISO6395

Nor850 – Sound Power Application
ISO 6395 – Dynamic Sound Power test on Earth Moving Machinery

Especially in densely built Asia countries, noise is during the construction of new buildings is very important, has to be monitored and has stringent limits.  One of the main contributors to noise nuisance from building sites is the use of earthmoving machinery. To be able to comply with local regulations, it makes sense to make sure that all earthmoving equipment complies with ISO6395.

Norsonic has developed and implemented this standard into the Nor850 Sound Power Applications.

Nor850 is a flexible multichannel noise analyzer platform. Highly configurable and quick and easy setup. Combined with an intuitive and efficient interface, Nor850 is the perfect Sound Power tool for both R&D and on the production line.

Earthmoving equipment, forklifts, excavating equipment all need their sound power measured, Nor850 from Norsonic has the best (automated) solution to get your ISO6395 approval reports in a simple and effective way.